Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Moved To ICU pt 3

Anxiety level: through the roof

Adam was taken to ICU and was only allowed 2 visitors at a time; the room was much smaller. He stayed about the the same for a long time then his liver started getting a little better. I didn’t really want to leave Adam but I needed some sleep and I needed to separate my self for just a little bit. Going home made is feel a little more real. My friend Jenny picked me up because I didn’t want to be alone and brought me Panda Express. We ended up giving it to my mom and going back to get more. It was really nice to have friends for support. I texted my friend Paloma too and asked her to bring my other friend Stella if she could. I met Jenny’s cat Ollie and he was amazing. He made the same expressions as my Sephora but loved pets like Bucky. We met Paloma and Stella at my place. It was really nice to be distracted for a while but my heart hurt every time I thought about Adam. Stella was able to stay the night with me and slept in my moms bed. We played video games until pretty late. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep but the game I was playing on my phone distracted me just enough to let me sleep. I am really grateful for my friends. If you’re reading this, thank you.

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