Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Waiting pt 2

Anxiety Level: Still No Words
After Adam’s friends came we were able to get him a blessing. It was really nice. My mother and I got one too. It was really comforting. They tested for all the most common overdoes medicines and we waited. The doctor said that they don’t have a antidotes for a lot of medicine and that his liver and kidneys would just have to get rid of whatever he took. We waited. Quite a while later they came back with the test results and they some kind of Tricyclic in his system but they didn’t know which one. Nothing else showed up.
He was going to be moved to ICU soon so we talked to the ICU doctor, he said that he his liver was in bad shape as if he overdosed on Tylenol. It was possible that he took something a few days ago and that it’s not showing up until now. I didn’t think so since me and Adam had a lot of fun on Saturday and he bought and ton of comics and had me order a graphic novel for him.
We went to my dads house to look through all of the medicine in the house and brought it to the hospital to show the the doctor all the ones we could find. We got back with all the medicine and we waited.
They took him up to ICU to set up and we waited.

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