Tuesday, May 8, 2018

He’s in Critical Condition pt 1

Anxiety Level: No words.

Yesterday my dad went to wake my brother up for work and he wouldn’t get up. My dad tried pouring cold water on him and nothing but he was breathing. He was rushed to the hospital.
I answered a call from my mom at 8:08 am telling me what had happened. I was in shock. I got up and went through the motions but it didn’t feel real. My mom was visually upset and crying while I was just there. We waited for a while and I was really anxious.
The doctors let us in to ask us the medicines he had access to. We talked about how he had depression and had a fight with my dad the night before. We were told that it looked like an overdose and that gag reflex didn’t work so the doctors were afraid he was going to choke; he had a tube put down his throat so that he wouldn’t. We had to go back out to the waiting room.
We waited for a while and I was still just not there. We were finally let in and the doctor explained everything again and said that he is in critical condition. He also said that when they talk about someone being on life support, this is what they mean. The breathing tube.
The doctor left and the was in and out I asked him to wake up and the nurse said he couldn’t wake up,  he was in a medically induced coma. 5 or 10 minutes later it hit me, I told him that I needed him and kept asking over and over “Why didn’t you call me??” I was sobbing it. I would go into sobbing fits and then stop. I remember I really had to pee. I was trying to get into his phone to see if he googled anything but I didn’t know the passcode. I thought I did at first until I realized he had a 6 digit passcode. I was going to try to start and 1 and try to guess the last 2 numbers. Then the whole passcode was just in my head. I tried it and it worked. It was amazing. I didn’t find anything on his phone but I was able to message his friends. They all came immediately.
It was nice to have so many people around that loved Adam. It helped me feel better.

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