Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cap is Coming!!

So Chris Evans aka Captain America is coming to the greatest Comic con in the world! Captain America is my number 1 favorite comic and superhero by far! I have 94 cap comics and 3 graphic novels! Chris Evans seriously made me fall in love with Cap. He is an amazing actor and the only one that can ever play Captain America. Not to mention he's gorgeous! Guess who else is coming to Salt Lake Comic Con... Sebastian Stan!! I love him as Bucky, he does an awesome job becoming the Winter Soldier! Bucky is tied for second place as my favorite Captain America character. It goes:
1. Steve Rogers
2. Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes
3. Sharon Carter

Hayley Atwell is an unconfirmed guest but she'd better come. All three of them would be a freaking dream come true. 

Anyways that's great news to start with. The best news actually. My anxiety is really high right now. I've been homeless since the 26th of Jul but I've always had a place to stay. For that I am very grateful. I'm back in Cedar with my little brother and we've been staying with my friends grandparents, before that we were at my old roommates house sharing a twin sized bed. Here I share a freaking huge bed with my friend and my brother gets a queen sized water mattress to himself. I'm still kind of freaking out about all of my stuff. I'm so excited to have a place to call home again! I'm desperately looking for a job and so is my brother. I hope it won't be long now. Tonight is the last night that I can stay here. I really hope we get a place tomorrow. Wish me luck, anyone that's reading this. It's been a rough couple of months but it's so close to being over. If Steve Rogers can be brave for America, then I can be brave for myself!


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