Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Roommate Problems”

Anxiety level: High
My roommate told me last night that utilities are due. Today she said she had to have it by the end of the day or she would tell the landlord. The gas bill was due yesterday. I’ve been stressed all day even though I know it’s ridiculous to demand payment for that gas bill and other utilities after it’s due and expect to get it immediately. I was able to pay my part of the gas bill but she said she needed all of it, including rent. Rent isn’t due for another couple days so I’m trying not to worry about it a ton. I always pay the rent on time. I’ve never been late. I don’t why she has to put this extra stress on me! After basically calling me a liar, she is still being a jerk. She said she gave me plenty of time but that’s obviously false. I’m not moving out though, even though the apartment manager is a jerk and so is Laura. The pool here really helps me relax during the summer and I feel fairly safe while walking around the complex. I don’t want to have to fight with another apartment manager to be able to keep my cats. I just wish I had a better apartment manager, one that doesn’t discriminate against me or ask about me to my roommates behind my back. I wish she would treat me nicely and not be so condisending. She was upset that I gave the apartments 2 stars on Facebook “because of my roommate problems”. She was referring to the second notice she gave me that was 90% false. She said it was just roommate problems. I told her that it wasn’t the reason why, it was because of my cats. She said that’s fair but that I should explain it in the review. I was upset about that! I changed my review to one star and stated the truth: “The apartment manager doesn’t accommodate people with disabilities.” It explained the one star like she said but the next day I found that the Facebook ratings and reviews were taken off completely. If you were to check the page now there is nothing. I reviewed the apartments on google and a couple other places because people need to know. I found a couple other reviews that called her racist, discriminatory and the like. I don’t think she should be an apartment manager. I hope Laura doesn’t try to talk to me about getting rid of a cat again because that isn’t going to happen, I need them too much. I’m barely getting by with them, there’s no way I’d get by without them. I’m excited to move everything from the living room into my room. My TV, PlayStation, DVD shelf, table, lamp,and  lovesac. I’m excited to decorate my room Christmas too. Maybe I’ll start feeling better when I have things decorated. Christmas usually cheers me up. I’m tired but I doubt I’ll get sleep tonight. Too much on my mind. I’ll try some of my coping skills for night time so maybe I will.

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